HS Football Playoffs Week 1: Player of the Week

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Round 1 of the 2017 TSSAA football playoffs is in the books, as are our picks for Players of the Week within our coverage area.

Jeron Rooks, running back, Oakland

A Big Playoff Game for Oakland's Jeron Rooks
Oakland’s Jeron Rooks

Rooks had his usual great night as Oakland knocked off Lebanon, 42-6. Rooks ran 13 times for 117 yards and a score, and caught two balls for 46 yards and two more touchdowns. (Photo courtesy of Rajayna Riley.)

Connor Mitchell, quarterback, Blackman

Connor Mitchell Blackman

Blackman quarterback Connor Mitchell continued his excellent play in Blackman’s 38-7 playoff win over Hendersonville. Mitchell ran 16 times for 162 yards and three scores, and was 3-of-7 passing for 48 yards.

Aaron Moore, Oakland

Aaron Moore Oakland

Oakland’s defense continues to shine, and Moore’s had a big hand in that. On Friday, he had four solo tackles and three assists, and that included 3 1/2 stops for loss for the unbeaten Patriots. Lebanon’s one touchdown came on the last play of the game in this heartwarming, must-see video. (Photo courtesy of Rajayna Riley.)

Ethan Cobb, quarterback, Eagleville

Cobb Leads Eagleville in First Round Playoff Game
Eagleville quarterback Ethan Cobb.

Cobb’s been a regular in this space all year. Friday, he continued that trend in Eagleville’s first-round playoff game. Cobb ran for 85 yards on 18 carries and two touchdowns. He added 170 more on a 17-of-23, one-touchdown passing evening in a 23-9 win over Riverside.

Savion Davis, running back, Riverdale

HS Football Week 9: Rutherford County Player of the Week

Davis was flat-out phenomenal in Riverdale’s road upset of previously-unbeaten Mt. Juliet. The Golden Bears had given up 30 points the entire season coming into Friday; Davis scored 18 alone in the Warriors’ 20-14 win. He carried 26 times for 246 yards in the contest.

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