Hop Springs Creates New Brew Called “Social Distance”


Founders of Hop Springs Brewmaster Derrick Morse and Chef Maneet Chauhan announced a new beer appropriately named for the times.

Calling it “Social Distance,” Hop Springs used local malt purchased from Batey Farms. Stating via Facebook, “we brewed it locally by your fellow Tennesseans in the rolling hills of Tennessee. Now we release it to you, our Tennessee brothers and sisters. For Tennesseans, by Tennesseans, to benefit Tennesseans.”

They described Social Distance as a “Tennessee ale in line with a slightly hoppier hefeweizen. Crisp with a slight orange and clove characteristic, great on its own or with an orange slice.” And in keeping apart from each other during this time, they continued, “This beer is perfect for sitting on your porch and waving high to your neighbors at a distance.”

Hop Springs is selling it by the case for $22 with $2 for each case going to benefit the hospitality industry.

Watch the video below as Brewmaster Derrick Morse and Chef Maneet Chauhan talk about the new beer and how they are helping the hospitality industry.

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