Grayson Maxwell Joins RCS as Communications Specialist


At a young age, Grayson Maxwell knew he wanted to be a writer.

Through various twists and turns — including teaching in Japan and serving as a writing instructor in Nashville schools for the past five years — Grayson has joined the Rutherford County Schools’ Communications Department as a communications specialist.

“Since I’ve worked as a teacher, I’ve seen on the ground, the great things that students can really do,” Maxwell said. “And so bringing those stories out — and using my love for writing and my love for creating but also getting to highlight students — that’s the best part.”

Originally from Georgia, Maxwell completed his undergraduate degree in writing and completed a study abroad program in Japan. He then entered graduate school at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, where he completed a master’s of fine arts degree and served as an editor for the Mid-American Review.

He caught the writing bug as early as elementary school, he said.

He attended a small school in Georgia and read nearly everything available in the school’s library. He then decided to enter a school writing contest, and from that experience, decided he wanted a career involving writing.

He served as a student-teacher while completing his master’s and eventually applied to teach English and writing in Japan through the U.S. Consulate. Through those experiences, he discovered his love for teaching and being involved with schools.

He then taught writing for middle school students in Nashville.

“For me, it was specifically getting to teach writing and English — the content that I really love — and then getting to share that with the students,” Maxwell said, adding,  “(I liked seeing) that ‘a-ha moment’ or seeing the pleasure they got from it.”

As part of the communications team with Rutherford County Schools, Maxwell will use his past experience both as a writer and a teacher to help tell the stories of students, teachers and spotlight what the school district offers.

“The fact there are so many schools and so many different opportunities here for students in the 50 schools,” Maxwell explained, “there’s more opportunity to showcase the great things that are being done.”