Gas Pipeline To Re-Open: What It Means For Shortage


A main gas line is expected to restart Wednesday with a temporary bypass after a leak and spill in Alabama led to surging fuel prices and some gas shortages across the South, a company official said Tuesday.

The roughly 500-foot (152- meter) section of pipe that will serve as the bypass is now complete, and the company expects that will allow it to restart the main gasoline line, Colonial Pipeline spokesman Steve Baker told The Associated Press.

“Tomorrow’s restart of the main gasoline line is a key milestone,” Baker said. “However, it will take a few days for the fuel supply chain to fully recover.”

As for pricing and availability, pricing has leveled to around the $2 a gallon range for regular. Availability doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue as before. As for how long before we see a price drop? No projections on that, but probably end of the month at the earliest before drops are seen.

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