5 Things to Know About Kevin Costner & Modern West

photo from Kevin Costner & Modern West Facebook

Kevin Costner is a well-known actor most recently starring in the series Yellowstone. Costner and his band Modern West will be headed to Columbia for The Homestead Festival, taking place in June.

Here are some things you might not know about the band.

Roving Boy Band Album Cover

1Before Modern West, there was another band

In 1985, Costner formed a band with Blair Forward and John Coinman called Roving Boy. However, Costner’s acting career took off and the band ultimately broke up but the musicians kept in touch.

photo from Kevin Costner & Modern West Facebook

2Modern West formed in 2007

Costner reached back out to his former bandmates and formed the country-rock fusion band Modern West in 2007. The band also went on a world tour in 2007 and released their first album Untold Truths in 2008, cites closerweekly.com 


3Modern West played NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series

The band played at Daytona International Speedway for NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series. The show was a hit with NASCAR fans. As a result, Modern West returned for Sprint’s Cup in North Carolina’s Lowe’s Motor Speedway, reports outsider.com

photo from BeFunky

4Costner’s first musical instrument wasn’t the guitar

Costner told Billboard he was “trained classically on the piano and I got my music out of the church — the Baptist church. And my grandmother played piano, so I ended up training classically on the piano for about four years,” reports billboard.com

photo from Kevin Costner & Modern West

5Modern West recorded an album based on ‘Yellowstone’

In June 2020, Kevin Costner & Modern West released Tales of Yellowstone, a 16-song collection inspired by the TV series Yellowstone.’ It even features Costner’s daughter, Lily Costner, on “Heaven’s Gate.”

Take a listen here.