5 Of The Best “First Phones”


By Ashley Irwin

There are a lot of cell phones out there, and as cell phones become more popular, pre-teens and teenagers seem to be getting their first one earlier and earlier. Cell phones can be expensive, so many parents worry about finding a phone that is reliable, yet durable enough for their children to use. Here are 5 great cell phones for pre-teens and teens:

kurio1.Kurio Smartphone
If you are looking for a smartphone for your child, the Kurio Smartphone is a great choice. This phone has great parental controls including geo-mapping – parents can make sure that they know where their child is at all times. Phone calls, text messages, and apps can be monitored by parents as well. The phone also comes with over 25 apps that are great for teens and children as well.

iphone-42.iPhone 4S
iPhones are one of the hottest cell phones out there. However, they are also some of the most expensive phones. While the 4S is an older model of the iPhone, it still offers the great features that Apple offers. The phone has a front-facing camera and is equipped with Siri. The 4S is also much more durable than the newer iPhone models.

filip-23.FiLIP 2
The FiLIP 2 is a great choice for pre-teens. It is actually a smartwatch that allows users to make phone calls and also includes a locator. The device is good for younger children because it can be worn on the wrist and is less likely to be dropped or damaged. Parents can sync their phones with the watch, so they can have control over when the cell phone can be used. Parents can also send messages that will always appear on the front screen, ensuring that the child sees the message.

htc-radar-4g4.HTC Radar 4G
The HTC Radar 4G is an affordable smartphone that uses Windows Phone 7.5. The phone is stylish and small, so it fits comfortably in a pocket. The display screen is 3.8 inches and is a great first-phone for teenagers. The 4G allows users to take photos and watch videos and has an 8-hour battery life.

motorola-moto-g5.Motorola Moto G
This smartphone is one of the least expensive smartphones, but it does not make users sacrifice any great smartphone features. The phone has 8GBs of storage and a front-facing camera. It is water resistant and has a durable casing, so users do not have to worry about easily damaging the phone. This is an ideal cell phone for older pre-teens and teens.

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