Watch: Tim Williams (aka Trivago Guy) Performs Country Music Single


Tim Williams, the emerging Country/Americana artist that has one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the industry serving as the spokesperson for Trivago across North American for five years, shifts from acting to music with launch of his new project Magnolia City.

Tim has been in Nashville for a short time recording Magnolia City. Produced by Norbert Hamm, Magnolia City features ten songs all chronicling a chapter in Tim’s life and the experiences he’s gained traveling the globe as an actor and spokesperson. Paying homage to the storytelling roots of country that once ruled the airplay charts, Tim’s album rides the fine line between Americana’s grit and Country’s polish and honesty.

Take a listen to Tim Williams below where he played Magnolia City for us and we talked briefly about his new album. Visit Tim Williams website here for more information.