Stonekeepers: All for the Love of Gemstones


Let’s start by saying that Stonekeepers is a different place. It began by the Adams family as a way to share their love of rocks, minerals, and gemstones with the community. The shop is filled with all kinds of semi-precious gems, crystals, fossils, and rocks, as well as unique pieces of ephemeral, spiritual items from many different cultures, and a lot of things you are definitely not going to see anywhere else. It is its uniqueness that makes it so intriguing.

The vibe when you walk into their store on Robert Rose Drive is decidedly low key. Each person who enters will find just what they are looking for be it one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry, original artwork, locally made soaps, wonderfully scented candles, geodes, or books.

In 1996, Ramona, Stan and Carrie Adams opened the original store on Lytle Street in an old strip mall behind the old First Methodist Church that became Mid-South then Franklin Synergy Bank. Next door was a tattoo parlor and a smoke shop. Ramona worked at the counter while also doing her second job as a freelance computer programmer. Carrie helped out after school. It felt as if everyone who walked into the store was a friend, like the bar on Cheers.

A bowl of heart-shaped pink crystals sat on the counter. In the case were the most amazing local artisan-made pendant drops sculpted around jade, carnelian, obsidian, bloodstone, and many others. There were also imported and estate pieces from all over Asia. A wonderful selection of stones still remains their focus.

“We like to hand-select our stones and jewelry at gem, mineral, and jewelry shows with vendors from around the world,” said Carrie Adams.

It is this personal touch that still makes it a place to be explored, not just for the jewelry, but for the opportunity to seek wisdom as much as things.

There are books on world religions, and many symbols of the Great Mother, there are Tarot cards, cleansing crystals, chakra candles, prayer flags, and they even have had the occasional meditation event – like the one they almost had during the blood moon (weather didn’t permit, sadly).

They also carry healing items. They have back, neck and shoulder wraps made with flax seed that can be used warmed or cold on aching muscles. They also have massage oils and aromatherapy items.

“At our new location,” said Adams, “we have less space for events and were only able to host outdoor events in the yard beside the shop. Currently, they are expanding the building into that yard, so we don’t have space to host events [anymore].”

“Our best-selling items are crystals, sterling silver stone jewelry, and sage bungles/incense,” said Adams.

215 Robert Rose Dr, Suite E, Murfreesboro
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am – 8pm; Sunday 12pm – 7pm
(615) 849-1792