Rutherford County Schools Launch Pilot Program For Automatic Weapons Detection System


Using funds from a safe schools grant, Rutherford County Schools has launched a pilot program to test an automatic weapon detection system.

The system — known as “Evolv Weapons Detection” — will be rotated around to various schools for training purposes over the next few weeks. Oakland Middle School’s administration has volunteered to be one of the first traditional schools to test the system, and the units also have been deployed to the district’s two alternative schools.

The systems are similar to those found at major event venues, such as Bridgestone Arena and Nissan Stadium. Those entering the schools will walk through upright poles that will scan for weapons without the need for stopping. If the system detects a possible weapon, the person will be moved to the side for a more thorough scan by personnel at the school.

“We are not experiencing issues with weapons at our schools, but these systems are being tested as a proactive measure,” RCS Safety Director Patty Oeser said. “During the pilot program, the system will be evaluated and procedures will be fine tuned. If successful, the school district plans to add additional units, depending on available funding, that can be deployed at schools or events.”

You can see a video of the system here:

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