Peach Cobbler Factory Comes to Boro with New Owners

Photo from Peach Cobbler Factory Murfreesboro Facebook.

A new Peach Cobbler Factory restaurant will be opening in January 2024 at 2314 Medical Center Parkway, Suite A-3 in Murfreesboro, next to Mission Barbecue. 

Many may remember the Peach Cobbler Factory in Smyrna or the two months that Pepper + Peach was open in Murfreesboro during the pandemic. While the concept of this new evolution of the Peach Cobbler Factory was born out of those ventures founded by Juan and Tamira Egerton initially as a food truck in Nashville in 2013, it has been purchased by Larry Johnson, former CEO of Albertsons, and Greg George, who has extensive background in food-related franchises, has come on as the CEO. It is now a company headquartered in Kure Beach, North Carolina that is located in 20 states and growing rapidly.  

Wilfred and Chantay Dillard are the owners of the new Peach Cobbler Factory franchise in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and for those who have a bad taste in their mouths over the closings of both the Smyrna location and Pepper + Peach, they have no affiliation with the original owners. 

“We hope people will understand that this is now a national franchise…and [the] quality of [the] product and superior customer service is at the forefront of what we stand for,” said the Dillards in a joint statement online. “We hope that the community will support this family-owned business.” 

Johnson and George have made a point of going back to the original recipes that made the food truck so popular in Nashville pre-pandemic. They have also added a few new items to the menu. However, everything plays off of the great cobbler. Most of all, they have brought in a set of standards and given the concept much-needed polish. 

As stated on their website, Peach Cobbler Factory wants their food to evoke “the feeling of grandma’s kitchen,” and add a definite dash of Dixie hospitality, with the tagline, “It’s a Southern THANG.” 

The menu is relatively simple, they will carry 12 types of cobbler, nine different kinds of sugar cookie, 12 flavors of cobbler cookies, 12 flavors of banana pudding, 12 types of puddin’ shakes, six brownie flavors, six flavors of gourmet cinnamon rolls, six different dipping sauces for churro sticks and five Belgian waffles toppings. Drinks will include bottled water, iced coffee, iced tea, and three flavors of 2% milk. 

Of course, the cobbler is the focus. The flavors are drawn from those originally developed by the Egertons, including peach, honey apple, cherry, blackberry, strawberry, cinnamon peach praline, mango peach, strawberry peach, caramel apple, strawberry peach, blackberry peach, apple walnut raisin, and sweet potato pecan. Each serving is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Cinnamon rolls are another favorite. Those who love a classic will not be disappointed, but the more adventurous will want to try the other flavors like Nutella, Apple Butter, Maple Syrup, Peanut Butter Praline and Cobbler Stuffed. Ice cream and/or an additional topping can be added. 

While the banana pudding is another staple of the business, the Puddin’ Shakes are a new creation. Both the banana pudding and the shakes are offered in the OG form, or with added flavors, like Oreo, Strawberry, Nutella, Red Velvet, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Butterfinger, New York Cheesecake, Cherry Swirl, Bourbon Pecan, Coconut Cream, and Peanut Butter and Jelly. 

The new owners have added cookies, Churros, brownies and crunchy Belgian Waffles to the menu. These additions are offered with toppings like salted caramel, peanut butter praline, peanut butter and jelly and more.

Currently, Tennessee locations include Clarksville, Collierville, Memphis, and Oakland. New stores following the Murfreesboro opening include Brentwood/Franklin and Hendersonville. Twelve additional stores are planned in the state in the near future. 

“I am excited to be partnering with Greg George and the Peach Cobbler Factory team of associates and franchisees to achieve a goal of bringing this exciting dessert concept to millions of people across America and beyond,” Johnston said in a statement to Restaurant Business.