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Just as the snow predictions call for a trip to the store to purchase milk and bread, so does a trip to the store to buy one of the few sleds left on the shelf.  But in case you didn’t make it time, we found a few alternatives that you probably already have at home. Actually, in the South, it’s a tradition to be creative and use alternate items for sledding.

  • Baby pool – These work great as sleds but even better if you turn them inside out so the smooth side touches the snow.
  • Plastic Lids to large plastic storage containers.
  • Laundry basket especially for little kids.
  • Large pieces of Cardboard.
  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Yoga mat
  • Inner tube or large floatable from days at the pool
  • Camping sleeping bags
  • Large tarps

There seems to be a new trend in using small boats for sledding.

Take a look at this -6 people, one canoe sledding right into… keep watching.

And then this one where they took a giant inflatable down a hill.

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