Murfreesboro’s Water and Sewer Gets Perfect Score


The Murfreesboro Water and Sewer Department (MWSD) recently “earned a perfect score of 599 points out of a possible 599 for a numerical score of 100%” from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TEDC).  The perfect score is based on a two-year survey and a site survey by the Division of Water Resources, December 14-15, 2015.

“We are extremely proud of our employees who daily perform at the highest levels in order to achieve this perfect score,” said MWSD director Darren Gore. “Performing at such a high level would not be possible without our employees at all levels working together as a cohesive team, trusting each other, focusing on service excellence and employing the best practices to ensure the maximum observable standards in water management.”

“The Division would like to thank all of the Murfreesboro Water Department personnel directly involved with the survey process (Dec. 20, 2013-Dec. 15, 2015) for all of their professional courtesy and willingness to work with the Division and time responses to Division requests,” said Jeff Smithson, TDEC Environmental Scientist, in a letter to Mayor Shane McFarland.

During the two-day site sanitation survey, Murfreesboro Water & Sewer equipment, operations and maintenance facilities were thoroughly examined. The survey includes plant performance, maintenance and upkeep, record keeping, analysis, treatment techniques and requirements, and other quality issues from water production to the distribution to customers. Water surveys are conducted every two years.

  • TDEC Division of Water Quality inspectors observed MWSD employees perform analysis for chemical parameters.
  • TDEC inspectors observed MWSD employees properly calibrate benchtop turbidimeters.
  • TDEC inspectors observed MWSD employees perform a visual inspection on all finished water storage tanks and reported “all appeared to be maintained and in good working order.”

At the time of the survey, the Murfreesboro Water system had a total of 36,699 taps consisting of 26,652 water meters and 10,515 apartments. Murfreesboro’s water distribution system is made up of approximately 438 miles of water lines and serves an area of 35.54 square miles.  Murfreesboro’s water system has one (1) drinking water treatment plant that pulls water from the East Fork Stones River and J. Percy Priest Reservoir and treats anywhere from 10 to 15 million gallons per day.  MWSD’s supplies drinking water to around 65,000 Murfreesboro residents.  The remaining 59,000 residents are provided drinking water by Consolidated Utility District’s (CUD) water system.

The City of Murfreesboro Stones River Water Treatment Plant is located at 5528 Sam Jared Drive. The plant manager is Alan Cranford. For more information on water treatment operational facilities, visit

For more information on water and sewer service in the City of Murfreesboro, call (615) 890-0862 or visit the MWSD website at

For City News online, visit

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