Local Restaurant Closing in Murfreesboro


Jazzmatazz Closes it’s Doors

On the 2017 Forbes “Fastest-Growing Cities in America” list, Murfreesboro comes in at number 20. And it’s easy to believe it with all the growth and change happening in our city everyday.

So, of course you can’t have an action without a reaction and with so many new businesses, outlets and restaurants opening everyday, old ones must close to make room.

The latest casualty of Murfreesboro’s growth is the jazz restaurant and lounge bar, Jazzmatazz. The restaurant opened it’s doors last year around this time, but in the ever competitive Murfreesboro atmosphere for great food, Jazzmatazz couldn’t stack up to the competition.

-A post to the Jazzmatazz Facebook Page announcing the closure today.

It is always a sad affair when a local business owner has to close their doors, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Once Jazzzmatazz makes their offical exit, a new and exciting business will surely move in and open up shop. Adding to the growth that Murfreesboro wants and needs.

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