grabilla-em6020Thank you so much for supporting our efforts with the homeless community in Murfreesboro. We absolutely cannot do what we do without your support and encouragement. In the months of September – the end of November, we have distributed 34 tents, 94 sleeping bags, 8 back packs, 5 propane heaters, 90 propane canisters, 72 blankets, 60 pairs of socks, 27 pairs of gloves, 27 hats, 40 hand warmers, 40-$5 gift cards, 4 personal care packs, 5 tarps, 5 pair of boots, 11 jackets and 8 nights in hotel rooms, totaling $6001. Thank you so much for trusting us with your resources.

Please send us a message on our Facebook page to schedule a donation drop off.

We still have tremendous need for tents and cold weather sleeping bags.




Coldest Nights Program In Full Swing

“Coldest Nights” program is in full swing. As always, thanks goes out to First Baptist Church and St. Pauls Episcopal Church for opening their doors each year for crisis type drop in shelter.

Also, thanks again to Crimson Security for providing security for our guests for the second year.

This year, we have raised the temperature threshold to 32 degrees. Every night the forecast is predicted to be below this point, we will have shelter available for folks who need it. A warm meal will be provided on nights when the Journey Home doesnt serve a meal. Showers are available at both facilities. Doors open at 7 pmand guests must be in by 9:30 pm unless scheduled in advance or discharged from the hospital or the local police bring them in.

Coldest Nights is a crisis shelter program for adults when cold temperatures make staying outdoors a threat to health and safety.  It is provided as a collaborative effort of The Journey Home, First Baptist Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Murfreesboro Rescue Mission, and the Murfreesboro Cold Patrol.  We provide a hot meal, fellowship and safe sleeping quarters for anyone that is staying outside in tents, vehicles, and the like.

For volunteer opportunities at the womens shelter, email Amy Burns        [email protected]