Alleged Suspects In Organized Crime Ring Wanted In Murfreesboro

Photos by Murfreesboro Police

February 14, 2024 – Murfreesboro Police Department Criminal Investigation Division Fraud Unit is trying to track down two men who are alleged to be a part of an organized crime ring of selling lower-quality items, passing them off as more expensive ones.

Detectives believe the criminals are mainly operating out of Texas and have expanded to several Southern states, including Tennessee. Law enforcement officials believe the men are purchasing lower-quality, lower-valued projectors, and projector screens, and passing them off as more expensive ones. They claim to work for Sound Vision, which is a fake company. They have even created boxes that are connected to websites to make the items seem legitimate. The projectors and screens are then sold to unsuspecting people in parking lots of businesses at a large discount.

On Jan. 30, 2023, a Murfreesboro man was approached by two men in the parking lot of Lowe’s on Old Fort Parkway attempting to sell projectors and projector screens for cheap. The men claimed they had ordered too many and needed to get rid of them. The victim agreed to purchase a projector and screen for $1,500. The retail of the brand he thought he was buying is $12,000. The victim later became concerned and found a ‘White Van Scam’, involving the same two suspects, being discussed on Reddit. He then contacted Murfreesboro police and turned the merchandise in as evidence.

The men are believed to be driving a silver 2023 Ford Expedition Limited Edition, Texas license plate TFN1340.

If you have purchased projectors or projector screens from random men selling the items in parking lots at a discounted rate, please contact Detective Jessica Rice at 629-201-5550 or email [email protected].


Source: Murfreesboro Police