A Community of Support – 5 Local Resources to Share During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer support resources

Breast cancer is a life-altering diagnosis that can leave you feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Sharing your story with others who understand your journey can help you feel connected and lessen the burden of the diagnosis. 

This October, during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are sharing local resources that create a strong community of support for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. With these organizations, you can find the help and support you need to navigate the challenge of treatment and recovery. 

1. Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition

One such resource is the Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition (TBCC), which provides education, support, and advocacy to women with breast cancer. The TBCC offers a range of services, including financial assistance, transportation assistance, and support groups. Their programs are designed to help women with breast cancer access the care they need and cope with the emotional and physical challenges of the disease. 

2. Gilda’s Club of Middle Tennessee

An affiliate of the Cancer Support Community, Gilda’s Club of Middle Tennessee is a group dedicated to supporting all those impacted by cancer, including family members of the individual diagnosed. This group provides essential emotional and social support for people with cancer and their families through support groups, wellness workshops, social activities, and community resource information.

3. YMCA After Breast Cancer Program

“For survivors, by survivors,” the YMCA of Middle Tennessee’s After Breast Cancer (ABC) Program is a 16-week program where breast cancer survivors can find a community for healing the mind, body, and spirit after undergoing treatment. A team of professionals and a community of survivors can help you find your balance moving into the next phase after treatment.

4. Breast Cancer Recovery in Action (BRA Groups)

We all need a shoulder to lean on, and Breast Cancer Recovery in Action groups aim to serve that purpose for people diagnosed with breast cancer. The program’s leaders are also survivors and understand the mental, physical, and emotional journey of recovery. BRA classes will help you build a survivorship action plan and establish your new normal. 

5. The Greater Nashville Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation

The Susan G. Komen Foundation is dedicated to funding breast cancer research while providing resources to women undergoing treatment and breast cancer survivors. The local Nashville chapter offers financial assistance, brings the community together for charitable events, and increases awareness of the prevalence of breast cancer. 

A Community of Support

Middle Tennessee is home to many resources and support groups that offer support and encouragement to women undergoing breast cancer treatment. These organizations are vital to the breast cancer treatment journey, providing financial assistance, guidance, physical and emotional consolation, and a sense of belonging. 

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