Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Youth Leadership Rutherford Announces Class of 2023

Students Named for New School Year

Rutherford County Schools

The Youth Leadership program is a personal development program designed to educate and enhance the quality of leadership skills in high school seniors while promoting community awareness.

2023 class members are:

Mehrael Adly, Blackman High School

Reeyan Ahmed, Siegel High School

Mia Alexander, Providence Christian Academy

Eli Anderson, Eagleville High School

Kate Batey, Middle Tennessee Christian School

Emma Clonan, Oakland High School

Trevon Collins, Smyrna High School

Bobby Davis, Blackman High School

John Dempsey, Providence Christian Academy

Sara Elkommos-Zakhary, Smyrna High School

Mary Taylor Gray, Providence Christian Academy

Kayla Green, Siegel High School

George Harris, Central Magnet School

Grace Harris, Central Magnet School

Cathrine Hasan, Siegel High School

MiKaia Jones, Blackman High School

Maria Kime, Central Magnet School

Kate Lile, Riverdale High School

Sarah Claire Lusk, Central Magnet School

Sophia MaGinn, Oakland High School

Paige Martin, Eagleville High School

Chappell Mayes, Central Magnet School

Eli McFarland, Providence Christian Academy

Luke McFarland, Providence Christian Academy

Jaylun Moore, Siegel High School

Maarten Muller, Oakland High School

Callie Parker, Providence Christian Academy

Jackson Polk, Middle Tennessee Christian School

Landon Proudman, Providence Christian Academy

Zoey Raper, Rockvale High School

Ashton Reed, Oakland High School

Adam Revett, Rockvale High School

Mila Risner, Oakland High School

Layken Sanders, Rockvale High School

Grant Shain, Providence Christian Academy

Brayden Shockey, Siegel High School

Kathryn Webber, Central Magnet School

Ronald Whitmore Jr., Siegel High School

Ellie Wiemann, Rutherford County Virtual School

Yao Xiao, Central Magnet School

Madison Yahn, Siegel High School

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