YouScience Assessment Helps Students Match Interest and Aptitudes


Rutherford County Schools

Eighth-graders in Rutherford County recently participated in an assessment to help them align their aptitudes and interests, which will help match them with the appropriate high school classes when they register later this school year.

A new countywide initiative this year, the assessment is known as YouScience.

“The students were so excited to talk about their experience,” Middle school coordinator Barbara Powers said. “They thought it was going to be an A-B-C-D type test — it wasn’t at all what they were expecting.”

YouScience was piloted last year at Oakland High School and it proved beneficial for students.

The assessment uses an algorithm that combines aptitudes, interests and the latest career information to make recommendations for students to expose them to aligned career pathways while in high school.

Middle school students took a version of the assessment which was comprised of five components.

Those students who took the assessment were eager to learn the results, Powers said.

“I think YouScience will help give me ideas about a career,” Christiana Middle School student Phoebe Kell said, adding “Maybe a veterinarian or something with animals.”

Another student, Braydon Shockey at Siegel Middle, learned he was matched with his dad, and said he was proud to possibly follow in his footsteps. His father currently works for Dell, and Braydon’s report guided him in the business management pathway and possibly minoring in law.

“The students described YouScience as fun, it made them think,” Powers said. “They enjoyed the brain games. It was a different kind of test, but they wanted to do more of it.”

She added: “They were excited about the ideas about their future, and it gave them ideas about their future that they had never thought about.”

All high school freshmen are also taking the assessment this year. Their version consists of 11 components and the results will help them make adjustments to the pathways they are pursuing.

Students will receive an emailed report with their customized results and recommendations. Parents should review those reports with their students and speak to a guidance counselor at their school if they have questions.

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