The Grumpy Bookpeddler

There is something about an old school second-hand bookstore that is inviting. Maybe it’s the smell of aging paper. Or the soft couch that invites curling up with a good book. Or maybe it’s the proprietor who knows every book in the store. It is a feeling that a Kindle or a Nook will never inspire. It is what can be found at The Grumpy Bookpeddler.

Located just off the roundabout in Murfreesboro on College Street, it moved about two years ago from its original location on Memorial Boulevard where it was located for seven years.

“When I was a kid,” said owner, Alan Wollard, “I had a book store I used to go to, and I thought that would be a good job.”

Wollard carries over 50,000 volumes in every genre available. There are books for kids, teens, and everything from autobiographies to science fiction, horror to romance for adults.

“[I visited] this book store for the first time today and was in love the moment I walked in the door,” said Stephanie Taylor on the bookstore’s Facebook page.

Timothy Jones says, “The owner is the best bookseller I have ever met.”

What makes the Grumpy Bookpeddler different is that Wollard carries many out of print books and older books that McKay’s in Nashville won’t take. He also has many vintage books, like a book of poems from 1725 dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I, and a Spanish Bible for 1830.

The most popular author he carries is Lee Child, followed by Stephen King. As far as quantity of books, romance is the number one genre. One author may have 300 books, such as Fern Michaels or Nora Roberts.

“Female romance authors have a lot to say,” said Wollard

He does see books fading. He sees “the younger generation” not being interested in anything that isn’t on their cell phone, yet he takes in new books every day. Bring in whatever you have and he’ll have a look at it.

While he bemoans the current generation, he tells of MTSU students who come in, and that a film student shot a video there. He has also had a location scout for a movie company stop by, but he is not sure what they were looking for or what movie they were there about. Time will tell.

In the mean-time, families enter the store and the kids run for their section filled with both new and vintage children’s books. A regular customer watches television. Another customer cashes out buying a stack of paperback murder mysteries.

“Part of the thrill of going to a bookstore like this is to sift through ALL of the shelves,” said customer Karla Upton on Facebook, “…Inhale the essence of fine used books like the aroma of a good wine. Ferret out a hidden treasure.”

The Grumpy Bookpeddler
610 W College St #110, Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Monday – closed
Tuesday & Wednesday 10am – 6pm
Thursday 10am – 7pm
Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm
Sunday – closed
The Grumpy Peddler Facebook Page


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