You Gotta See This: Texting Yoga Pants Mother’s Day Video


Mother’s Day is just a few days away and to celebrate, The Texting Yoga Pants (comprised of four local moms-Chelsea Cunningham, Deidra Romero, Lauren Tenney and Jenilee Vander Elst) made an ode to motherhood to the tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song.

The four moms shared on social media during a Facebook Live that they wanted to use the theme song from Fresh Prince to sing about having a baby but they wanted it to be honest.

The Texting Yoga Pants weren’t sure the video would actually get made. They set out to use different facilities in the area calling nursing homes and clinics but it was Dr. Rupe in Franklin who agreed to allow filming in her office.

Lauren Tenney is actually 31 weeks pregnant and her husband, Spencer,  made a cameo appearance in the video.

The moms closed out their Facebook Live with a few wishes for Mother’s Day that included sneakers, relaxing and one even said time away from her family was the perfect gift.

If you like the bag in the video, The Texting Yoga Pants will be giving away the same Nena & Co bag.

Here is how you enter to win on the Texting Yoga Pants Instagram.

1️⃣Follow and like their photo.
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3️⃣Tag a friend. Multiple tags equals multiple entries. ***Contest ends Monday, May 15th, and one winner will be announced on Tuesday.

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