5) Mich Ultra

C’mon hipsters… you know they’re right

4) Milwaukee’s Best

Known as “The Beast” , because of how it made you feel the next day.. Like you had been beaten by a beast, this would be the trifecta for the state of Wisconsin on this list.

3) Sleeman Clear

Weren’t Sleemans in “Land of the Lost”? My bad Sleestacks..A light lager from Canada…seriously…that is all

2) Natural Ice

Natty Ice is never nice

1)  Natural Light

Back- to- Back for Natty. But, if all you have is a buck, and the need for an ice cold beer, a 2×4 of Natty Light will get the job done.

We hope you took this list all in fun. If you think we left one out, let s know on social.
And as always we remind you to drink responsibly.

Note from author: Zima did not make the list, but it is returning. We just aren’t sure f it’s classified as a beer.


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