Winter Storm Brought Record Number of Freezing Days


The ice and snow have begun to melt. Although it will be gone soon, the recent winter weather event will not be forgotten as it brought a record number of freezing days to the middle Tennessee area.

In fact, the temperature remained below freezing for over 7 days, reports National Weather Service (NWS), which is the fifth-longest period of below freezing temperatures in the Nashville area.

As explained by NWS:

“Temperatures at Nashville [NWS Nashville office] fell below freezing on the evening of Thursday, February 11th, and remained below freezing for over 7 days until rising above 32 degrees on the afternoon of Friday, February 19. This ties for the 5th longest stretch of consecutive days with below-freezing temperatures on record at Nashville. This is also the longest period of below-freezing temperatures in 43 years.”

Top 10 Longest Periods Below Freezing at Nashville:

1. February 6-14, 1899 9 Days
2. December 26-January 3, 1877 9 Days
3. January 15-22, 1918 8 Days
4. February 8-15, 1895 8 Days
5. February 12-18, 2021 7 Days
6. January 9-15, 1978 7 Days
7. January 23-29, 1948 7 Days
8. January 4-10, 1942 7 Days
9. December 9-15, 1917 7 Days
10. December 15-21, 1901 7 Days

*Weather records for Nashville began in 1871.

Warmer temps have already moved in and we can expect spring-like temperatures all week long. The high for today (Sunday) is expected to be 54, Monday the high will be around 48 and Tuesday it will be 58.

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