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Winter Slowing Down Bridge Over Broad

courtesy of City of Murfreesboro

During the final quarter of 2015 there was a lot activity throughout the job site. Now, as temperatures become too low for asphalt work, there will be a heavy emphasis on retaining wall construction.

Motorists travelling through the construction zone will notice the widening along the east side of Broad Street as well as the progression of the retaining walls and ramps on the south side of the Broad and Memorial intersection.

The widening work along the east side of Broad Street is not entirely complete, but it did allow for the opening of the new driveways to Wilson’s Bank, Hooters, and Logan’s Roadhouse.
The intersection of Broadmor Boulevard and Broad Street was closed on December 14th to facilitate the construction of the new roadway alignment. Highways Inc. is currently performing removal and grading operations in the area.

During the next quarter, Bell & Associates will continue to focus on the retaining walls that will be part of the southwest and southeast ramps for the new overpass. Further development of the aforementioned ramps will also continue as construction of the walls permit. The ramp work should include the completion of subgrade activities, placement of the base course, and potentially new curb and gutter.

In addition to work on the south side of the intersection, Bell has a crew currently placing the footing for a retaining wall on the northwest ramp. This wall can be seen between Memorial Boulevard and Haynes Bros. Lumber yard.

As always, motorists are urged to use caution, reduce speed, and be alert to changing road conditions in the construction zone.

Key Project Events:

  • Portions of Broadmor Blvd. will be closed
    until further notice.
  • Traffic on Broad St. will remain reduced from
    seven to five lanes from West Main St. to
    Ridgely Rd.
  • Work on project ramps and retaining walls
    will continue.

The project website can be found at

Clark Shelton
Clark Shelton
Cark Shelton lived in Franklin, Tn for over 20 years and has been with the company since its first year. Clark’s background in sales, web development and writing gives him the ability to wear many hats. Clark currently splits his time between Franklin and Cancun, Mexico.