Who’s on the Ballot? Eagleville, Smyrna & LaVergne Elections


Election Day is November 3rd.

Voters in Rutherford County are voting in the Federal/State General (Presidential) Election & LaVergne, Smyrna and Eagleville Municipal Election. Not sure who’s on the ballot? Today, we highlight candidates for Eagleville Councilman, LaVergne Alderman and Smyrna Council Member. Click here for a sample ballot.

Eagleville Councilman

(Vote for 3)

Ryan Edwards
Chris Hendrix

LaVergne Alderman

(Vote for 2)

Calvin B. Jones
Steve Noe
John R. Skinner
Kathy Tyson
Dennis Waldron

LaVergne Alderman – Unexpired

(Vote for 1)

Graeme Coates

Smyrna Council Member

(Vote for 3)

Tim Morrell
Racquel Peebles
Steve Sullivan

Early Voting Information:

  • Early voting is open to any registered voter in the county. Any registered voter may vote at any one of the eight early voting sites within the county regardless of their actual place of residence.
  • All voters must present a Tennessee or Federal issued identification (even if expired) bearing the voters’ name and photo unless excluded under certain provisions of the law. (T.C.A. §2-7-112 (a)). First time voters who registered online or by mail
    must show proof of residential address before casting a ballot.Reminders
  • Voters who have moved less than (90) days before the date of a Federal/State primary or General Election to another place inside Tennessee but outside the county where the voter is registered may vote in the polling place where the voter is registered. (T.C.A. 2-7-115)
  • Voters must be registered in their county of residence no later than (30) days before Election Day in order to vote. (T.C.A. 2-2-109)

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