Who Has The Best Outdoor Seating In Murfreesboro?


(Photo: The Goat- Murfreesboro Facebook Page)

Mon – Sat: 11am-2:30am
Sun: 10am-2:30am

Patio goers at the Goat might forget they’re in Murfreesboro if they sit out side long enough with their resort style outdoor seating.

A pool, fire pit and the Goat’s volleyball court reside close by while you enjoy dinner outside in the peaceful Henley Station Apartment Complex the Goat is located in. As peaceful as the neighborhood may be, things do get rowdy during the Goat’s volley league during the summer. For more information on the league, click HERE. And of course if your like me and are only into the patio for the food, click HERE.

(Photo: The Goat Facebook Page)

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