What To Know About Designing Your Luxury Swimming Pool

By Peek Pools and Spas


When deciding on building a luxury pool in your backyard, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. There are many elements that are in play when creating your luxury swimming pool design, and it’s essential you have a plan before you start looking for a pool design company.

Peek Pools is here to help you with any questions you may need to ask yourself and your contractor before you start to customize a pool.

Go In With a Game Plan

You don’t need to start this process with an exact replica of what you want your backyard to look like, but it is important that you have some ideas of what you like and don’t like. Ask yourself what you would like to have, what your budget is, and what you envision for your new backyard.

When meeting with pool contractors, it is best for you to bring some images of styles and designs you like. This will help the contractor see what you are envisioning so they can help you achieve that vision. If there are specific elements you would like included, such as waterfalls, pergolas, or even an outdoor kitchen, come into the meeting with those ideas so the contractor can give you an idea of what is possible in your space. By bringing in images and measurements of your backyard, you can be helpful when coming up with a tentative plan.

Be Ready to Answer Questions

It’s okay to not know every little detail about what you want for your backyard oasis before going in for a consultation. You’re not going to know all the information that your contractor will need to complete the project, but just be ready to answer their questions and prepare for the process of getting your pool ready. They are there to help you get the backyard oasis that you want.

One of the first questions your contractor will want to know is what you are hoping your pool to look like. As mentioned above, come in with images and details of what you like. Your contractor will also ask you about items like where in your backyard you envision the pool, what orientation you want your pool to be, and a general style for your backyard to name a few. These questions will help get the process for your new backyard started along with making sure everyone is on the same page with your vision.

After the Consultation

After your contractor has an idea about what you are looking for, they will come to take a look at your backyard. They will see what is possible for your backyard and take photos and measurements for their database. At Peek Pools, they take it a step further by creating a 3D rendering of what your backyard will look like once it is completed. This helps you see a better view of your backyard vision while making it easier for you to make any corrections or additions to get the final layout and design you are happy with.

Once your layout and design have been approved, it’s time to come into the showroom and make selections on what your tile, plaster, coping, and other elements will look like. After everything has been finalized, Peek Pools will give you a price and stick to it. As long as you don’t add or change anything, the price won’t change, no matter what.

After all of your selections are made, Peek Pools will draft up a contract to sign and you will pay your down payment so they can get started!

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