What to Expect When You Attend an Event at Municipal Auditorium

municipal auditorium
photo by Jim Wood

Before Bridgestone Arena opened, larger events were held at Municipal Auditorium. The venue was built in 1962 to fill the need for a multi-purpose space hosting an array of events.

Municipal Auditorium is located at 417 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201.

For over 50 years, the space has been seen as a circus, concerts, trade shows, and more. The space consists of 17,052 square feet with the side floor seating in place, and 32,928 square feet without the side floor seating in place. For events such as concerts, the Nashville Municipal Auditorium offers total reserved seating for up to 9,654. The building also is home to the Musician’s Hall of Fame.

  • You can purchase tickets at the box office located inside the main lobby at 417 4th Avenue North Nashville.
  • Any child over the age of 2 requires a ticket to an event.
  • Seating changes based on the event, there is typically floor, mezzanine and balcony seats.
  • There is a clear bag policy. Clear bags can be no larger than 12″x6″x12″, or you may carry a small clutch 4.5″ x6.5″.
  • Alcohol is served at the venue with proper identification.
  • Items that are prohibited are below.
  • No weapons of any kind
  • No chains or wallet chains
  • No knives or sharp items
  • No fireworks or laser pointers
  • No backpacks, fanny packs or camelbaks
  • No strollers or car seat carriers
  • No cans, bottles or outside food or drink
  • No audio/video recording devices
  • No professional cameras (Cell phones are accepted unless otherwise stated by the tour)
  • No studded or metallic belts or jewelry
  • No umbrellas
  • No costume face masks or face covering that inhibits security from identifying a person. This does not apply to any Covid-19 mask policies.
  • No Balloons
  • No selfie sticks
  • No drones
  • No glowsticks, poi balls, or hoola-hoops
  • No signs larger than a standard poster board. No crude or vulgar language is allowed.
  • Any medical or dietary needs are judged on a case by case basis. Security may defer to the medical team on site.
  • Some items may be accepted due to the nature of an event, or at request of the tour.

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