A presidential election and the Summer Olympics were just two highlights of a very eventful 2016. With all that happened this past year, what do you think Tennesseans googled the most?

The Estately Blog, an online national real estate search site, mapped out what term(s) each state Googled most frequently last year.

In Tennessee, the most popular searches of 2016 were:

The map below shows the most popular searches for every state.


Highlights from Estately’s data:

  • Of course, many states googled terms related to the presidential election. Some of the top searches for Delaware residents were Donald Trump Presidential campaign, 2016 and Make America great again, while Vermont residents Googled the term Hilary Clinton the most.
  • One of the next most popular Google searches across the country were Olympic athletes. Simone Manuel and Michael Phelps were popular in Maryland and Ryan Lochte and Simone Biles were popular searches in Massachusettes.
  • This past year, we also had to say goodbye to many talented entertainers. For Tennesseans, Pat Summit was searched often; whereas, Arnold Palmer was Googled in Pennsylvania a lot and Nancy Reagan and Merle Haggard were top searches in West Virginia.

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