What is the Most Popular Christmas Baby Name?

During this time of year, Google search for baby names was up over 200 percent. In a recent study, Absolute Digital Media found the most popular festive baby name around the world is Maria.
Here are other key findings from the study.
  • Maria is the most common female baby name worldwide, with more than 61 million with this moniker
  • If you’re looking for a traditional, yet festive first name for a boy, then David is most popular, ranking 13th worldwide!
  • 54 of the most popular festive baby names in the world are most prevalent in the United States.
  • New parents in Nigeria tend to choose festive baby names with 13 of the most popular names featured.
  • Approximately 3,782,165 people around the world are named Jesus with it being most prevalent in Mexico.
See the list of most popular baby names below.
baby names

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