What is Compression Therapy?

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Compression therapy plays a central role in the treatment of lymphedema.

The experts at Pretty In Pink Boutique have helped thousands of folks suffering with lymphedema since beginning their journey in 2004. Their team of professionally trained compression garment fitters share their expertise in compression therapy and compression garments.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a build-up of lymph fluid in the tissues just under the skin. It often happens in the arms or legs, but can also happen in the face, neck, trunk, abdomen, or genitals. This build-up can cause swelling and discomfort.

Lymphedema can sometimes become severe and cause serious problems, and often is a long-term or chronic condition. Depending on your treatment or stage of lymphedema, this is typically where compression therapy and careful management is needed to help reduce symptoms and keep it from getting worse.

What is Compression Therapy?

If you are living with lymphedema, your healthcare provider might use compression therapy as a treatment option. Compression therapy includes wearing medical-grade compression garments to treat lymphedema.

Compression garments are tight, professionally fitted garments to exert pressure from the outside of the affected area. The garments help move lymphatic fluid to the center of your body where it can be drained properly.

What are Medical Grade Compression Garments?

Compression garments may be socks, sleeves or wraps that have pressure to move fluid from your tissues into circulation. This reduces swelling and your risk of lymphedema complications.

Medical grade compression garments are prescribed in levels of tightness, depending on the severity of your lymphedema. For more information on compression garments, read Pretty In Pink Boutique’s Ultimate Guide to Compression Garments.

Where Can I Get Expertly Fitted For Compression Garments?

Pretty In Pink Boutique in Middle Tennessee has a caring team of Certified Compression Fitters and carries medical-grade compression garments.

If you are living with lymphedema, Pretty in Pink Boutique will walk by your side and offer products to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Contact us at 615-777-7465 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your appointment at one of our four Middle Tennessee Locations.