Apodments, “apods”, “tiny houses” . Call them what you want, but they are about to be set loose in major markets, and they could be the future of affordable housing.

KASITA Enters The “Small” Housing Market

Single KASITA Unit
Single KASITA Unit

It’s an interesting idea being launched in East Austin, Texas. The KASITA Company has already set a prototype within a 1o minute walk of Downtown Austin.The KASITA is approximately 319 square feet with 9-foot ceilings. But it’s how the unit is done that makes it “feel” larger. They’ve┬áincluded everything from a Casper queen size mattress, to a dishwasher, to an in-house washer/dryer. No communal bathrooms as each has it’s own and a walk in shower. These Apodments can be stacked 10 wide and up to 10 floors with an elevator.

With KASITA , It’s The Little Things

It’s all about the design, and the plans for the future with KASITA. The pod design is smart, and will be able to be run by voice commands:

But it’s the portability that will appeal to minimalist millenials. At least that’s what KASITA is counting on. The thought is that you can take a pod and easily move it from one area to another. So, let’s say you live in an apodment complex in Bell Meade, but want to move to the apodment complex in the Gulch. According to KASITA, this will be done easily, with minimum packing , in less than a day. Though not stated on the website, we assume that as apodment complexes are built in other cities, that will be an option.

According to KASITA, the apodments will be affordable, though no price is listed. And the apodment complexes would need approval of each city as the electric, sewer, water would be plugged into what KASITA calls the apodment dock.

According to KASITA, there are other benefits including college housing, emergency housing for hurricanes, etc. To see the whole KASITA story including how this was all conceived by the founder who lived 33 months in a dumpster, click here.