March Weather Will Come In Roaring Like A Lion


“If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb” –Wales Proverb

And while this particular weather proverb is wrong more than right here in the South, we do know that March will come in like a lion.

An official statement by the NWS will probably be issued later, but here’s what we know. Expect the possibility of a few rumbles of thunder and heavy rains after midnight as storms will push up from the South-Southeast.  Along with that push will be strong winds , with gusts up to 20 mph ahead of them. Wind gusts and heavy rains will accompany this evening’s storms. Expect traffic issues with road ponding during tomorrow’s commute as the better chance of storms will probably be during that time.

Tuesday will be off and on as scattered storms will wreak havoc on the day. A high of 72 will fuel the storms to strong possibely severe levels by Tuesday afternoon. Strong winds, possible hail and more rain may caused some localized flooding.

It will remain warm and muggy Tuesday night through Wednesday and the worst of the storms should appear before or around mid-day on Wednesday as a cold front will drop temps from 70s to upper 30s by evening. Severe Storms are expected along and ahead of that front. Wind gusts to 30 mph expected.

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