Warrior Weekend Part Of 9/11 Remembrance


A special group of Navy Seals and their students are having an extraordinary three-day “Warrior Weekend” experience in Nashville but the grand finale – Navy Seal skydivers jumping into the stadium – will be shared with Titans and Vikings fans during the televised game.

Jeff Bramstedt, former Navy Seal and head of Life of Valor, and Greg Wark, Executive Director of Mission Force, wanted to offer an intensively experiential “Warrior Weekend” program that focused on leadership, character, integrity and honor. Wark also wanted to spread awareness about the need to help support veterans and service men and women around the country and raise funds for programs to help resolve crisis issues.

Says Wark, “One of the biggest threats for those currently in service and for our veterans is suicide; 22 vets commit suicide every day.  Mission Force wants to ensure that once vets are home they are taken care of.”

Working with a select team of Navy Seals a three day ‘hero’s journey’ focusing on training and personal transformation for some 30 participants was developed. But the original idea grew into something much bigger once the Titans found out about the program. Instead of being just a personal experience, they wanted to see it shared.

Wark says, “Ultimately, the Titans thought it would be amazing to share a bit of the Warrior Weekend experience with their fans on 9/11 and spread awareness about the need to support vets and service men and women at risk. We are humbled that they were so willing to help spread the word.”

Warrior Weekend participants will have a jam packed weekend. On September 9th, day one, participants will learn both tactical and defensive driving. On September 10th, they will spend the day being taught tactical shooting skills. On September 11th, they’ll come together to watch the Tennessee Titans play the Vikings and watch their new Navy Seal friends skydive into Nissan stadium. Throughout the weekend additional transformative conversations will occur, for example, military hero, Clebe Mclary will have a heart-to-heart with the group.

Money raised from participants in the Warrior Weekend and will go to Mission Force and Life of Valor. They expect to hold 6 other similar events in the coming year.

About Mission Force 

This non-profit provides support to our service men and women around the country.  Its parent organization, Every Nation, establishes Christ-centered, socially responsible churches and ministries in every nation. Programs include: general crisis management; biblical principles on well-being; suicide awareness; alcohol abuse and addiction prevention; drug abuse and addiction prevention and marriage and family development. http://www.forceministries.com/

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