Virtual ‘Military Memories’ Site Honors Veterans


MTSU’s Office of Alumni Relations has a special online “Military Memories … Celebrating Our Veterans” photo site for the public to view, in recognition of all veterans.

Alumni Relations is virtually honoring and celebrating military veterans throughout November by inviting people to submit active-duty photos with descriptions of veterans they wish to honor.

Visit and click on “Celebrating our veterans and their service throughout November” to submit photos and view the gallery.

“Military service and our veterans have been an important part of MTSU history, dating back to World War II,” said Ginger Freeman, Alumni Relations director. “We are honored to have the opportunity to recognize their sacrifice and service.”

All veterans — alumni, non-alumni, friends, family and more — are welcome to have photographs submitted. Submitted photos will be posted to galleries (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) that will be housed on the site for viewing.

Assistant Director Rhonda King said that with many veterans events and activities not being held this year, Alumni Relations “wanted to provide a space for veterans and their families to share photos and stories of their military career.”

“For their service to our country, their sacrifices and others’ freedoms, and the safety they provide our citizens, we appreciate all veterans,” King added.