Veterans Memorial Park to Reopen May 4


La Vergne Parks & Rec has announced that Veterans Memorial Park will reopen May 4.

On May 4, the barricades will be removed from the front of Veterans Memorial Park. This will give open access to the green space at the park, as well as, the walking trail. The tennis courts and skate park will also be open. Social distancing guidelines are encouraged.

The basketball courts remain closed as the courts will be getting resurfaced and will remain closed until that work is complete.

The playground areas will remain closed and will be opened up last.

Other Parks/Programs:
Mankin Park and Lake Forest Park will remain closed.
The greenway at Brookside Park will remain open.
The ballfields at Bicentennial Park will remain closed. The Greenway along Nir Shreibman Blvd. will remain open.

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