elam road flooding rutherford county
This driver slipped off the clear Elam Road and into the high water in the ditch Monday between County Farm and Joe B. Jackson Parkway.

Below is a list of updated road closures or roads deemed impassable as of 2pm Feb 25th provided by the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Seminary Road and Bluegrass Road
  • Alford Road
  • The lower side of Nices Mill
  • Rains Road and Withers Road
  • Allen Road and Leanna Road
  • Puckett Road and Shores Road
  • Crescent Road at U.S. Highway 231 South (Shelbyville Highway)
  • Versailles Road and Link Road
  • Sulphur Springs at Florence Road, Shacklett Road and Buckeye Bottom Road
  • Shoemaker Road
  • Shores Road near state Route 840 (Water is about 12- to 14-inches deep)
  • The 1943 block of Kingwood Drive
  • Powells Chapel Road at Trout and Bill France Road
  • Stones River slab
  • Rucker Road and Crabapple Lane
  • South Rucker Road
  • Wayside Road and Sledge Road
  • Poplarwood Road at Seminary Road

Roads with high water that are considered impassable include:

  • The 1660-block of Armstrong Valley Road.

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