Survival Guide For Moving Into An Apartment


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Here at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, we understand all the excitement, challenges, and stress of moving into your first place.  There’s the packing, cleaning, and not to mention everything that happens on moving day!  Apartments can come with their own set of struggles as well.  There are several rules and regulations when it comes to apartment living, and no one can forget those stairs!   We have a few tips to help make moving into your first apartment a success and, best of all, stress-free!

Do your research

* Have your eyes set on more than one apartment.  Gather 3-5 options to schedule a visit.  Apartment availability changes often and many apartments don’t look as amazing in person as they do online.  This way you won’t get your hopes for that one perfect place you already mentally decorating.

* Ask your future landlord as many questions as possible.  Discuss any concerns you may have. Good questions to ask might include what kind of maintenance is available if something goes wrong in the apartment, how old the building is, and even questions about the previous tenants.  Also, ask about what leasing options they offer.  Are you interested in monthly, or annual contracts?  Your landlord will love bragging about any new construction, and you will be making a more informed decision about your new place as a result.

* If possible ask a couple of tenants about their living experience at the apartment.  This is the most honest way to get a true response about living in that specific apartment.  This will help you make a more informed decisions and also introduce yourself to potential new neighbors!

Be prepared and organized

For the actually move into your apartment.  It is all about being prepared and organized on the big day.  Follow these simple steps to avoid any surprises on move day.

Prior to move day:

* Make sure to have all appropriate documentation for the day you sign your lease.  Typically, this includes proof of employment and salary, driver’s license, and money to pay necessary deposits.  In the Greater Nashville area, apartments could be looking at multiple tenants due to the high demand of living space.  It never hurts to be prepared!

* Be sure to schedule a walk through with your landlord before you begin moving items in.  This is a good time to take photos or make note of any prior damage to the apartment.  This could be essential when it comes to moving out and getting your deposit back.

* Measure the dimensions of your new apartment before you buy furniture or bring in items you already own. This will save you the headache of having to return any items that won’t fit, and the backache of your movers trying to fit the furniture through the door. Important spots to measure include the area for a washer and dryer and the nook for your refrigerator (if you have to supply them), tight doorways, and wall space for seating.

On the day of the move:

* Clean every nook and cranny of your new apartment before the mover get there.  Be sure to hit all the spots that you will not be able to once your items are in place, and even the spots that you can. This will take a huge load off later once all your stuff is in your new apartment and you just need to do some light cleaning.

* Schedule a time frame for your move that is reasonable and respectful.  You may want to discuss with your landlord if there is a specific move in time that the tenants must follow. Usually we say the earlier the better for a move-in.  Your neighbors will appreciate meeting you in the daylight hour verses complaining of the noise in their pajamas.  If you are moving in on a weekday, try to move in during the afternoon while other tenants are at work, and there will be no worry of blocking their cars in.

* If you have ordered any furniture to be delivered, be sure to make those delivery times after the movers are finished.  Too many large trucks in the apartment parking lot can make the area congested.  This will most likely overwhelm you and your neighbors during the moving process. Spacing out deliveries for later in the afternoon or the next day is the best option.

Be Friendly and Considerate

* This seems to go without saying, but always be friendly!  Make sure to introduce yourself to your neighbors.  We aren’t saying go and knock on everyone’s doors, but it never hurts to say hi in the stairwell or while waiting for the elevator.  You might make new friends, or at the very least, get to know their names in case their mail ends up in your box by accident.

* Be considerate of the noise level in your apartment.  Walls can be thinner than you may think in apartment buildings.  Vacuuming or bouncing a basketball on the third floor is probably never a good idea, especially at 3 o’clock in the morning.

* Form a face to face relationship with your landlord.  This can help significantly when it comes to asking about maintenance problems or special request you may make in the future.

Moving into your own apartment for the first time can be exciting, scary, and stressful all wrapped up in one. Making preparations beforehand, staying organized, and being considerate of your neighbors are great ways to help you survive your first apartment move!

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