“Trouble With Rain” Movie Premiere Features Local Scenes, Actors


We are all affected by the people we meet, the words we exchange and the decisions we make. And the impact from our encounters with those people, conversations and decisions can alter our lives for years, decades, even a lifetime – for good or for ill. But what if a seemingly insignificant event in your past was changed – slightly? What would the ripple effect be on your future life? That is the question explored by the new independent feature film, The Trouble With Rain. Middle Tennessee-based Rule 14 Pictures and Wynnesome Entertainment are pleased to announce the world premiere of The Trouble With Rain, at 7:00 p.m., Monday, May 16, at the Malco Cinema in Smyrna, Tennessee, prior to launching on the international film festival circuit.

Miller Collins (Erik Nelson) just misses his train to Chattanooga one steamy afternoon. While waiting on the next train he meets three strangers – Eric (Adam Sanner), Constance (Valerie Jane Parker) and Violet (Inge Uys). Will these four young professionals become friends, lovers; or will they simply go their separate ways and never see each other again? Like Schrodinger’s Cat, all of the possible outcomes of this chance encounter are equally real, but only one will come to pass. Or will it? The story line is non-linear (almost a Twilight Zone-esque kind of feel) that moves back and forth in time over a six-year period. These four strangers who meet by happenstance at a train station, are ‘called back’ to the train station to relive that initial meeting, where slightly different actions result in sometimes drastically altered futures. The decisions they make, the words they speak and the actions they take during this initial meeting dictate how their future relationships play out. The ‘moral of the story’ (as Rod Serling might say) is that all of our actions, even the smallest, have consequences – for good or for ill.

Filmed entirely on location in Tennessee, area film-goers may recognize familiar landmarks including the Murfreesboro downtown square, Nashville’s trendy Etch restaurant, the Historic Oaklands Mansion and the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, among other locations. The film is gaining traction on the international film festival circuit, having scored “Official Selection” status at festivals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland and Canada, in addition to New York and LA.

“We have deep roots in middle Tennessee,” director Mike Parker explained regarding the decision to premiere The Trouble With Rain in Smyrna. “We wanted our family and friends and supporters to be the first ones to have the opportunity to see the film on the big screen before we hit the festival circuit.”

Following the screening, several members of the cast and production company will participate in a Q&A session with the audience. The lone screening is open to the public, but tickets are limited and only available in advance through the film’s website, www.troublewithrainmovie.com.

The Trouble With Rain is a fantasy drama with comedic elements and a love story at its core. It promises great roles for the four lead actors, Erik Nelson, Adam Sanner, Valerie Jane Parker and Inge Uys, in a truly ensemble piece, while giving the audience plenty of opportunity to empathize and associate with the characters. Parker directed and produced from a screenplay by Nathan D. Owen, who also served as director of photography and editor. For more information about The Trouble With Rain visit: www.troublewithrainmovie.com. For more information about Rule 14 Pictures visit: www.rule14pictures.com.

MTSU Grad, Franklin Resident Play Key Roles

Constance 2 (1)Valerie Jane Parker (CONSTANCE) is a Nashville native, by way of Harare, Zimbabwe. Valerie has been acting and performing since she could speak and eventually graduated with her bachelor’s in Theatre Performance from Middle Tennessee State University. She has just wrapped production on the indie feature,Cecil, in which she plays the zany Ms. Baker. She can also be seen in the upcoming feature, The Dust Stormperforming opposite Colin O’Donoghue (Once Upon a Time) and Jim O’Heir (Parks & Rec), and in the Lionsgate feature Blue Like Jazz.

Eric 1 (1)Adam Sanner, a Franklin resident and professional freelance photographer, had this to say about his part as Eric in the movie:

“There is nothing better than getting to work on a movie with a cast and crew as amazing and talented as everyone on set for The Trouble With Rain. The story has twists and turns even I didn’t expect as I was reading the script. I was truly greatful and floored when I found out I was cast for this film! I have acted in plenty of music videos and small commercials, but when I got the call to play Eric, I couldn’t believe it. It has been a dream of mine to be able to be a part of a feature film. It’s always a little scary when you get invlolved with an independent project but there was nothing scary about it when everyone got together. The acting talent of Inge Uys, Valerie Jane Parker and Erik Nelson on top of the awesome writing by Nathan Owen and the vision of both him and Mike Parker was outstanding. Including all of the people that devoted time and energy in to this film, from props and wardrobe to sound and lighting. It was truly and honor and I’m stoked to see the film in full effect ! It’s been a long wait for me to view the finished project and I know everyone involved is just as excited to be finished and get it to the public! I’m more excited though to see how it goes in the 5 film festivals it will be shown at(Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Toronto, L.A)! Who knows, maybe we will all be a big hit in Singapore!”