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When your style is not quite traditional, and not quite contemporary, transitional design elements may meet your preferences in your kitchen renovation. Transitional design combines the clean, minimalist approach of contemporary design with the special, enduring details emphasized in more traditional styling. If you’re leaning toward a transitional-style kitchen, planning your cabinets is the first place to begin!

French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc knows that the right cabinets set the tone for your kitchen’s style in your remodel. Explore the elements of a transitional-style kitchen and how custom cabinets support your design vision. 

What is Transitional Design?

transitional style kitchen, French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc, custom cabinets

Transitional design is a newer term in interior design that describes a hybrid of classic and contemporary aesthetics. Often, you’ll find a blend of ornate details with simple, modern touches that help create a relaxed yet elegant space. Transitional design typically embraces neutral color palettes with pops of supporting color in paint, wallpaper, rugs, or artwork and focuses on layering natural textures. Think statement lighting, metallic accents, and simple furniture that combines curved and straight lines. 

Transitional design is the perfect style if you enjoy mixing design elements and finding a look that represents your unique point of view. Since cabinets comprise significant square footage in your kitchen, planning cabinetry that embraces transitional style is essential to achieving your dream kitchen remodel. 

What Features Comprise Transitional Style Cabinets?

transitional style kitchen, French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc, custom cabinets

Kitchen cabinets with a transitional design bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary styles. For this reason, frameless cabinets are a popular choice for transitional spaces.  With a frameless cabinet, there is no face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box, so all you see are the door and drawer fronts, giving the cabinets a more sleek appearance. 

The most common cabinet door style in a transitional kitchen is a shaker-style door, which features simple construction with a flat (or recessed) center panel and a raised rectangular frame surrounding it. Another trending door style well-suited for a transitional space is a modified shaker, which includes small details such as a bead or subtle profile.

What Finishes Look Best in Transitional Design?

transitional style kitchen, French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc, custom cabinets

In a transitional kitchen, embrace neutral color palettes and high-quality wood finishes. You can also explore mixing cabinet finishes. For example, you could choose to paint the cabinets around the perimeter of the kitchen and then select a beautiful accent wood finish for the custom cabinets in your central island. Common wood finishes might include white oak, walnut, or beech. Paint colors tend to lean toward neutral palettes, but you can experiment with richer colors like navy, hunter green, or varying shades of blues as supporting pops of color in your cabinetry. 

In addition to your cabinet finishes, your hardware selection is essential to create the look you envision. Hardware in transitional design tends to look best in a simpler style and features metals like matte black, warm bronze, and ash gray.

Achieve Beautiful Transitional Design with Custom Cabinets from French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc:

transitional style kitchen, French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc, custom cabinets

French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc is the perfect partner for updating your kitchen to a transitional design. Their designers have decades of experience designing cabinets for kitchens (and any other space within your home!) and know exactly how to plan cabinets that meet your design vision, optimize your storage space, and improve the overall workflow of your remodeled kitchen.

French’s partners with top cabinet builders for American-made cabinets that are custom-built for your space and lifestyle needs. Their cabinet manufacturers offer extensive standard and upgraded selections of styles and finishes for virtually limitless options from French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc. Each product is factory-finished and offers a limited lifetime guarantee for cabinets you’ll love for decades to come.

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As you embark on your kitchen remodel journey, French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc can help you create a beautiful kitchen that is highly practical and efficient with careful selection and planning of your cabinet choices. 

With premium selections from the top cabinet manufacturers and custom creations to suit your lifestyle, French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc is the ultimate partner in cabinet design. Get started today by calling 615-371-8385 or contact us online.

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