Travelers Can Now Experience The Tennessee Whiskey Trail at BNA


The Tennessee Whiskey Trail has a prominent place in the Nashville airport beginning as Three Casks opened to the public in December. Three Casks is a partnership with Aero Services Group. Designed to give the airport traveler a taste of Tennessee, Three Casks features whiskey, spirits, and beer from members of the Tennessee Distillers Guild and the Tennessee Craft Brewers Guild.

Tennessee has a long history of making whiskey and moonshine and the new restaurant will honor that tradition with a historic moonshine still on display. The moonshine still was found and seized in operation by Deputy Sheriff George L. Dyer of the Franklin County Sheriff’s department in 2009 near the Sherwood community in Franklin County, Tennessee.

This project began nearly 4 years ago as a way to bring the Tennessee Whiskey Trail to one of the gateways to Tennessee, Nashville International Airport.Over 20 million annual visitors will now be able to begin their Tennessee Adventure on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. Heath Clark is a Tennessee Distillers Guild Board member that has worked on the Three Casks project every step of the way. “I’m grateful to Cheng Lor and his team at Aero, Matt Jennings and all the folks at Fraport-USA, and Doug Kreulen and the entire MNAA. Three Casks represents the best of Tennessee hospitality and Tennessee Whiskey. I am so excited for everyone traveling through BNA. Three Casks is a destination in and of itself.”

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail features 28 distilleries stretching across the state of Tennessee from Memphis to Bristol. From internationally recognized brands to micro-distilleries, the Trail offers unique experiences including behind-the-scenes tours, specialized tastings, and chances to meet the founders and master distillers that continue the tradition of making exceptional Tennessee spirits.

“We’re thrilled to see the restaurant open after the pandemic delayed our start for more than a year,” says Sara Beth Urban, Executive Director of the Tennessee Distillers Guild. “This gives us a chance to catch our customers both coming and going. They’ll be introduced to the Tennessee Whiskey Trail as they fly in and be able to grab a bottle from their favorite distillery as they fly out.”

The restaurant’s extensive spirits menu will feature whiskies, gins, rums, and much more from members of the Tennessee Distillers Guild. Additionally, customers will be able to purchase bottles to take with them on their flights home. The restaurant itself is a visual and culinary representation of the state. The back wall is filled with Trail members’ barrel heads and the confiscated still is prominently placed among Tennessee Craft Brewer’s growlers.

Aero Service Group’s menus are always dedicated to craft cooking from scratch, and Three Casks has taken this approach to a new level in Nashville. Pork and turkey are smoked on site, burgers are handmade, and local spirits and beers are used to cook many of the menu items.  Highlights include 3 unique BBQ sauces and a bacon flight appetizer with 4 different glazes.

Three Casks will become a bonus stop on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. Visitors will be able to get their paper passport stamped or check-in online and begin their Tennessee Whiskey Trail adventure as soon as they touch down in Nashville.

For more information about the Tennessee Distillers Guild, visit and for the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, visit

About the Tennessee Distillers Guild:

The Tennessee Distillers Guild is a nonprofit membership organization that consists of 32 Tennessee distilleries and associate members from across the state. The Guild was founded in 2014 with a mission to responsibly promote and advocate for the distilling industry in Tennessee through the collective voice of its members. For more information about the Tennessee Distillers Guild, visit

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