Transitional Kitchens: The Perfect Vibe


The “perfect kitchen” serves as more than an area for food preparation. It is a centerpiece of the home and a gathering place for family and friends. Not only should it be an efficient space, but also a welcoming one. Transitional kitchens help maximize both the beauty and functionality of your home with features such as clean, chic lines, and neutral bases with pops of color for visual interest.

Here are a few more reasons why people love a transitional kitchen.

Timeless Feel

A transitional kitchen has a sense of timelessness, seamlessly blending classic and contemporary styles. Clean lines and neutral colors pair perfectly with pops of modern touches, such as light fixtures and finishes.

Not only did a recent study by the National Kitchen and Bath Association identify that transitional kitchens are currently the most popular option, but they also predicted that their popularity will persist for years to come. Because of this endurance, a transitional kitchen is an excellent way to maximize the enjoyment of your home and maintain its resale value.

Less is More

Where traditional kitchens often feature ornate decorative features like corbels or raised panels, transitional cabinets are less busy. Think recessed-panel shaker style or slab doors with clean lines paired with sleek hardware.

Minimize Clutter with Ample Storage

Another hallmark feature of the transitional kitchen is minimalism. When you enter the space, you shouldn’t feel bombarded with countertop clutter or overwhelmed with excessive decorative accents.  A transitional kitchen is loaded with integrated storage and likely features more drawers than doors. Another feature frequently used in transitional kitchens is open shelving, which adds visual interest.

Works With Open Floor Plans

Transitional kitchens are perfect for an open-concept home where the kitchen is highly visible. The neutral colors and simple cabinet designs easily blend with most decor styles, not distracting or disrupting the flow and feel of the rest of the house.

Plan a Transitional Kitchen with French’s Cabinet Gallery

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