Traffic Safety Task Force Reminds Drivers to Slow Down This Thanksgiving


Rutherford County Traffic Safety Task Force

Drivers are asked to “Slow Down, Buckle Up & Stay Focused” while traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday by law enforcement officers from the Rutherford County Traffic Safety Task Force.

Law enforcement officers conducted a pre-Thanksgiving enforcement last Friday reminding drivers to be extra cautious while traveling during the holiday.

Murfreesboro Police Sgt. Greg Walker said officers from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and Murfreesboro Police Department combined forces for the task force’s “Slow Down, Buckle Up & Stay Focused” traffic detail.

When drivers see the blue lights, it seems to have a good effect on people because they realize they may be speeding, need to buckle their seat belt or put their phone down, Walker said.

“My goal is to hold a traffic enforcement detail one day and not be able to find one person in violation of any traffic law,” Walker said. “Then we would know it was a truly successful event.”

The officers arrested one driver for DUI.

Here are the other results of the pre-Thanksgiving awareness event:

Hands Free: 33

Seatbelt: 20

Speeding: 22

Improper Lane Change/Passing: 5

Fail to Obey Signal: 1

Registration: 7

Insurance: 7


Illegal Parking: 4

Crash Investigations: 4