Town of Smyrna Clerk Dianne Waldron Retired After 40 Years of Service


Town of Smyrna Clerk and Treasurer Dianne Waldron retired December 30, 2021, after 40 years of service to her hometown.

Dianne began her career with the Town on May 26, 1981 as a Tax Clerk, one of seven Town Hall employees serving a community of 8,839 people.  Just three years later, she was promoted to a supervisory role, which included collecting taxes, handling the payment of traffic court fines, and overseeing insurance and workers compensation for personnel.

Reflecting on her career, Diane noted how much Smyrna has grown.  “Over 44,000 people have moved into our community since 1981, but we are still a small town at heart.  I love the people—the people I work with and the people I serve.”

“Dianne Waldron is a person of great integrity, serving the citizens of Smyrna with excellence,” shared Smyrna Town Manager Brian D. Hercules.  “When her predecessor retired, she was asked to assume the role of Town Clerk on an interim basis.  Council officially appointed her as the Town Clerk in July 2001, serving as the professional link between Smyrna’s local governing body and its citizens.”

In 2008, Dianne was asked to assume the role of Town Treasurer in addition to her role as Town Clerk.  She has faithfully served as both the head of the Treasury Department and Town Clerk for the past 13 years.

“On behalf of Smyrna Town Council, past and present, I extend deepest congratulations and thanks to Dianne Waldron for her forty years of selfless service,” shared Smyrna Mayor Mary Esther Reed.  “She has served seven mayors, five city administrators, and has been a steady source of strength for her employees.  She will be missed.”

Two individuals have been appointed to succeed Dianne. Jenny Davis has been named Treasury Manager, managing the day-to-day operations of the Treasury Department.  She has been with the Town for 14 years, most recently serving as the Office Coordinator for the Treasury Department.

Jenny Davis

Amber Hobbs has been named Town Clerk, assuming this role as well as managing the Town’s Freedom of Information Act open records process.  Amber has served as a paralegal in the Town’s Administration Department since 2015.

Amber Hobbs

“Smyrna’s growth has increased the workload for the Treasury Department, Town Clerk, and FOIA Coordinator,” Hercules explained.  “We are pleased to welcome Jenny Davis and Amber Hobbs into their new roles within the Town and we congratulate Dianne Waldron on her well-deserved retirement.”

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