TobyMac Releases First New Music in Three Years


It’s been three years since TobyMac has released any new music. Fans won’t have to wait much longer. On Oct. 12 The Elements will make for the seventh solo album for the artist.

In an interview with Billboard, TobyMac shared why fans had to wait so long for new music.

“The most important thing to me are the concepts, what am I saying to people,” he shared with Billboard. “I’ve got to be going through some life myself and that’s why it takes so long. I have to experience some things, struggle with some things, overcome some things and get in the trenches before I have enough to write about. That’s why it takes me a few years because I want to write about what’s really going on in my life. I find when you write about what’s really happening in life it resonates more with people than fictional stuff.”

“I Just Need You” from The Elements could easily be a track from a Justin Timberlake album, took the number one spot on the Christian Billboard charts, a first for the artist in five years. Watch the video for “I Just Need You” which has been viewed over 18 million times since its release earlier this year.

The Elements Track Listing:
1. The Elements
2. I just need U.
3. Scars
4. Everything
5. Starts With Me (feat. Aaron Cole)
6. Edge Of My Seat
7. It’s You
8. Horizon (A New Day)
9. Hello Future
10. Overflow
11. See The Light