Tips & Tricks on Keeping Your Pup Cool


For those who love spending time with their dogs outdoors, the late summer months can be difficult as the heat can seem unbearable some days. However, there are several products available that help keep your pet cool and safe during the hot summer months. We asked Leslie Kessinger, co-owner of Three Dog Bakery in Franklin and Mt Juliet for some product recommendations and tips & tricks on how to keep our dogs cool and comfortable.

Popware Bowls

Travel Bowls & Water Bottles
One of the most popular products are the travel bowls and water bottles for pups, Leslie said. The Popware bowls from Three Dog Bakery are collapsible and come with a carabiner attachment that makes it easy for carrying on a pack or belt. If you want a stainless-steel water bottle instead, H2O4K9 is made with a twist off top that turns the container into a drinking bowl.

Pup Life Jackets
If you want to bring your pup on the lake or into the pool, buy a pup life jacket by Ruffwear. To play with them on the water, there’s even floating toys that they can play with made by West Paw Design.

Coolin’ Bowls
For keeping your dog cool at home, try Coolin’ Bowls that cool down water for hours.

Freeze a Bowl of Water
For outside play, Leslie says a great trick is to freeze a bowl of water with toys stuck inside. Run warm water on the outside of the bowl to loosen the ice, and then let your pup play with it outside. As your dog licks and plays with the cube, they can access the toy.

Freeze Your Dog Treats
Leslie gave us a great tip on cooling your dog down. She takes her dog’s favorite treats and puts them inside a toy like West Paw’s Tux Toy and sticks them in the freezer. She likes to use a combination of peanut butter, banana, and plain yogurt. The frozen treat makes a longer lasting, healthy treat that cools your pup down.

For the products mentioned and other great treats and tips, visit Three Dog Bakery at their Franklin or Mt. Juliet location: At Three Dog Bakery, they are committed to making premium, natural treats with high-quality meats, fruits, and vegetables. They select only wholesome ingredients to ensure dogs have balanced diets and wagging tails. Three Dog Bakery has two locations in Middle Tennessee: 1556 W McEwen Dr #112, Franklin, TN 37067 & 1982 Providence Pkwy #102, Mt Juliet, TN 37122. Click here to follow Three Dog Bakery on Facebook.