Three Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe this Summer


Summertime fun with your dog is the best! Walks, playing in sprinklers or kiddie pools, swimming at the lake. We all know life is better with a four-legged bestie. But summer has just a few risks, as well. Keep your pup safe this summer and enjoy the beautiful, sunshiny days.

Heat Safety

If you think it’s a hot day, try wearing a fur coat and being super-close to the ground, where heat is radiating off the pavement! Keep your dog safe by remembering a few simple tips:

  • Never leave a dog in a vehicle. The temp can rise quickly 20 degrees hotter than outside, even with cracked windows.
  • Plenty of water. Make sure your dog has access to clean, fresh water on hot days, especially when outdoors or exercising.
  • Plenty of shade. Whether you are outside with your dog or have put him in a fenced-in yard for a bit, make sure he has some shade for cooling down.
  • Watch the asphalt. All pavements can be warm and radiate heat up. Asphalt is particularly hot and hard on the pads of your pupper’s paws. Avoid walks on asphalt during the heat of the day if at all possible.

Fireworks Safety

More pets run away on July 4th than any other day of the year. And it’s no wonder. Between the barrage of noise and the often in-and-out, opening of doors for celebratory gatherings, it’s a runner’s paradise…and an anxious animal’s hardest day. Here are a few ways to keep your dog safe Fourth of July:

  • Keep tags on them. Collars with identification tags may not seem comfortable. But being lost is much worse. Keep the tag on just in case they get out.
  • Create a safe space. Dogs naturally love to den to relax. Create a safe environment, even in a kennel, to keep them calm and at home. If you have a room without windows or can drape a blanket over a crate, it may help mute the noise.
  • All-natural, calming products. You don’t want to drug your dog, but it breaks your heart to see her anxious. Use a calming product such as July Third by Herbsmith. Even if your pet doesn’t typically experience anxiousness or stress, they might need a little help to get through one rough night.

Pest Safety

Fleas, ticks and mosquitos can be so annoying to your dog…and you! Prevent if possible with internal products from your vet. Then layer on protection with topical Wondercide products such as pet sprays and shampoo bars. 100% natural, these great products kill pests on contact and act as a repellant against future pests.

Shop In-Store or Call for Curbside

To find these great products and more, shop in store or call 615-701-2128 to place a curb-side pick up order from the friendly folks at our Mt. Juliet location. Keep your four-legged companion healthy and safe this summer so you can both have a blast!

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