Three Director of Schools Candidates to be Interviewed Thursday


Three candidates for the Director of Schools position — Dr. Andrea Anthony, Dr. John Ash, and Dr. James Sullivan — will interview Thursday at the Rutherford County Board of Education. Candidates will be provided a list of potential questions in advance of the interviews, which are scheduled for Thursday starting at 8 a.m.

Board members have adopted a list of 17 original interview questions and eight backup questions provided by the Tennessee School Boards Association.

To promote a fair and equitable interview process, candidates will be sequestered from each other without access to the internet for the entirety of the interview process. In addition, the order in which candidates interview will be determined Thursday morning by random draw.

Each board member will ask two or three original questions, with time allowed for follow-up questions if needed. No vote will be taken after the interviews on Thursday, but board members will be provided additional time for discussion following the conclusion of all interviews.

The entire interview process is open to the public with live streaming available during the day and a YouTube recording available after the close of the interviews.

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