The Galley Workstation


By French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC

The kitchen is an important gathering spot during family dinners, events and holiday parties. And it’s easy to over-fill this space with a variety of utensils, appliances and cookware, making it difficult to keep everything organized and streamlined for meal prep and entertaining.  But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to the invention of a clever home chef, there’s an innovative new way to combine many of your meal prep and serving activities in one amazing kitchen “appliance”, The Galley Workstation, which can be seen at French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc.

What Is The Galley Workstation?

It’s the perfect multi-task kitchen appliance, complete with everything you need to prepare, serve, entertain and wash all in one central, efficient and convenient place. By optimizing the traditional work triangle and making everything you need within arms reach, you’ll improve your efficiency and have a beautiful space to serve or showcase your culinary talents.

Couple this amazing workstation with additional counter space next to it and it vastly improves the efficiency of the traditional kitchen work triangle. The videos here demonstrate how great this appliance looks and how fun it is to entertain with this new approach to preparing and serving food.


Why Choose The Galley Workstation?

The Galley Workstation provides the perfect space to chop, prep, strain and mix ingredients for your meals. A cooktop placed nearby makes for efficient cooking. Once the food is cooked, the serving board provides a great way to set up serving stations for family and guest meals and entertainment. Whether you’re setting out appetizers, cheese and crackers, or a full meal, the serving board elevates your experience and multiplies your use of the space.

Because every tool (cutting boards, strainers, serving board, etc) is within the workstation, your cleaning process is streamlined too. With everything contained within The Galley Workstation area, your messes are kept there too, making the after-party cleaning routine a quick process.

Hungry For More?

We don’t blame you. The Galley Workstation is set to change the way we cook and entertain for the better, making it a unique piece and great addition to anyone who loves to entertain in their kitchen. It also works well for family meals as it helps contain messes and decreases the amount of space used in your kitchen.

If you’re looking for more information on The Galley Workstation, visit the French’s Cabinet Gallery, llc website. It’s hard to describe just how great this is so be sure to check out their videos for the full experience. Eager to try one out in real life? Their in-store specialists are more than happy to help too, so don’t be afraid to call for an appointment to see for yourself what this revolutionary kitchen appliance is all about. The Galley Workstation is sure to change how you cook and improve the efficiency of your kitchen.

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