The Best Pool Toys for Summer to Enjoy Your Backyard Oasis

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Whether this is your first season as a pool owner or your 20th, having the best pool toys for summer will make your backyard oasis extra fun.

Finding good pool toys can be challenging. You don’t know which ones will last and which will hold your family and friends’ attention. Thankfully, this list includes vetted toys that will make the shopping process simpler.

Best Pool Toys for Summer Fun

Gear up to enjoy your pool this summer. Whether you’re planning to throw a nighttime pool party or find the best tools to rest and relax in the water, this list has something for you.

1. Light Up Beach Ball

No nighttime pool party would be complete without a light-up beach ball. If your pool is equipped with lights for an evening swim, you can extend your parties even when nightfall hits.

Select from various light modes and prepare for the ultimate game of in-water volleyball at night. The balls last for many hours so you can enjoy them again and again throughout the summer.

2. Swim Through Rings

Engage children in fun underwater challenges with swim-through rings. Make obstacle courses and see who can accomplish them in just one breath. Some rings come with inflatable sections at the top so that the uppermost part of the ring floats so no one has to hold them. Or inflate them just a little so they are suspended lower in the water.

3. Flip Flying Dive Stix

Add a little more fun to your diving games with the Flip Flying Dive Stix. Tossing these in the water will be extra fun. That’s because you can slingshot them into the water. These bright-colored pool toys are easy to spot in the water and squishy for a fun sensory experience.

Host mixed competitions to see who can launch the toys the farthest and then collect them quickly.

4. Coastguard Approved Lifejackets for Non-swimmers

If you’ll have young guests who are not strong swimmers yet, it’s a good idea to have a few coastguard-approved lifejackets or floaties for young children. While these aren’t toys, per se, they will make the swim experience more comfortable and enjoyable for all adults tasked with swim safety.

5. Hammock Pool Float

If you want to float around in the water but still be immersed to cool off, a hammock pool float will do the job. These floats come with an inflatable section on either side and netting between the floats. That way, you can place your head on one inflatable section and your feet on the other while your midsection is down in the water on the netted section. Adults find these a relaxing way to enjoy the water.

6. Pool Basketball Hoop Set

Engage swimmers of all ages with a pool basketball hoop set. You can have a friendly competition with young players or get more serious and keep score with adult players. Successfully scoring in various regions on the hoop awards different scores. And it stores easily because it’s inflatable. So once you’re done with it, just remove the air, dry it out and store it flat.

7. Super Soaker Water Guns


There’s nothing quite like a water gun fight. And with today’s tools, you can engage in the activity with more capacity and longer fun than you could in your childhood. There’s nothing quite like competitive water play to bring out a friendly spirit and fun around the water.

8. Tic Tac Toe Game

Keep the games simple and fun with a classic in-water tic-tac-toe board. The inflatable board and pieces are easy to inflate and deflate for storage. The board measures four feet by four feet, making the game life-size for added fun. This can also double as a yard game, just be aware of how windy it is since it is an inflatable toy.

9. In-water Cornhole Game Set

Cornhole is a beloved summer game. But when it gets hot in middle Tennessee, you might want to take the game into the water. This inflatable cornhole game set comes with strong and durable bean bags made to withstand water exposure. But don’t worry, the inflatable boards have pockets for the bags. So as long as you score, you won’t have to go diving for the bean bags after every turn.

10. Wave Runner Soft Ball

One of the simplest summer pool toys is the Wave Runner Soft Ball. These balls are great for skipping through the water or just tossing back and forth. They won’t sink, so you don’t have to test your diving skills if you get distracted and don’t catch the ball.

Pool Maintenance in Middle Tennessee

To keep your pool looking great and ready for gatherings, contact Peek Pools and Spas to learn more about maintenance plans. The Peek Pools team will keep your pool looking great with balanced chemicals throughout the swim season. That way, you can focus more on what toys you need and stocking up on grilling favorites.

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