Thanksgiving 101: Tips for a Safe, Enjoyable Holiday Season


Everyone’s top priority should be to stay safe during this unique holiday season. That does not mean the season can’t be fun and enjoyable, too. The National Turkey Federation has created Thanksgiving 101 as a comprehensive guide to prepare the holiday turkey in this year of COVID-19, but it contains many timeless tools as well. Check out the resources available at:

Americans will find Thanksgiving 101 especially helpful this year, when the turkey industry is encouraging everyone to follow CDC guidelines for a festive, safe gathering. It will continue to serve as a valuable resource in the future, when more traditional celebrations resume. From a meal-preparation standpoint, Thanksgiving 101 can help whether you are craving traditional flavors or looking to try something new.

Thanksgiving 101 is equipped with simple cooking and food safety tips for turkey first-timers and seasoned holiday pros – remember to have a meat thermometer handy. Going with the traditional whole birdThanksgiving 101 will guide you through the basics and provide how-tos for popular cooking methods, such as spatchcocking, grilling or frying (all options for cooking safely outdoors). It also includes a little guidance for those adapting their meal or planning a virtual “Zoomsgiving” this year. There’s so much more, and it’s just a click away.

Small Scale, Big Flavor
Cooking for a smaller crowd? Roasting turkey cuts, such as a bone-in breast or drumsticks, delivers on big Thanksgiving flavors. The secret is using a simple compound butter to keep the turkey moist and get that crispy skin.

Thanksgiving Turkey with a Twist
Looking for a twist on the traditional? Try a turkey breast roulade filled with apple, fennel and sausage for an elegant but easy entrée. Turkey thighs braised in Burgundy wine complement rich holiday flavors and come with a built-in wine pairing. Think outside the oven! Take the cooking outside with our Honey Glazed Smoked Turkey Breast. Or let the Instant Pot do the work with a simple turkey breast with a sweet and savory whole grain Dijon mustard crust.

Looking Forward to Leftovers
Leftovers are reason enough to cook a little extra turkey. While an epic turkey sandwich is a classic, you can truly transform those Thanksgiving leftovers into new dishes. Thanksgiving 101 includes recipes for BBQ Turkey Pizza, Thanksgiving Egg Rolls, Thai Turkey Pasta, Turkey Eggs Benedict and more. Leftovers are also great to share with neighbors or safely freeze for later.

However you’re spending the holidays, remember to plan ahead and make sure the safety of friends and family is the top priority. America’s turkey producers are always proud to be part of the Thanksgiving meal. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

About the National Turkey Federation
The National Turkey Federation is the national advocate for America’s turkey farmers and producers, raising awareness for its members’ products while strengthening their ability to profitably and safely deliver wholesome, high-quality and nutritious food to consumers worldwide.

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